HOT-INFO: Welcome to GreekLife Grid!!!! You can start ur own region from 10€ single sim 25000 prim var region 512 x 512 only 15€ 30000 prims Become yourself today vip Member and earn a Var Region 512x512 with 10000 prims and 300 GL$ per week only with 9€ dont miss this offer

Create Your Grid

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Create Your Own Virtual World

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active officialOur eight-year experience In opensim And our seventeen years of programming experience Makes us responsible for providing you with the best and most stable on opensim To provide you with your own virtual world Grid.
In our latest generation of servers (dedicated machines with solid state-drives-for-our-platform).We are competitive cheap and we provide the best we can do for you.What we provide for you is: safety stability Good service support 24 hours a day 7 days a week 30 days a month.We offer you opensim grid with 40 regions process 50.000 prims per region runing at windows server never laggy and are so fast Your own website with opensim hg,currency,voice enable cp inworld profile groups partner friend list trancaction you can make your store on our market place and runing from ur grid with ur grid currency and much more....All at the unique price of 90 per month setup fee 30 .Send us e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  With your order and start your journey to your grid.We will be happy to serve you.

Delivery in 5-10 hours

OpenSim Mini Grid

20 regions on a standard OpenSim region or Var Regions process 50.000 prims per region, setup fee 30 , monthly rent 55

Delivery in 5-10 hours


 10 regions on a standard OpenSim region process 25.000 prims per region,setup fee € 20, monthly rent 40

Delivery in 5-10 hours


What we offer

OpenSim Grids, if you like to start your own dream virtual world

OpenSim Regions in OSGrid, rent land in the biggest OpenSim grid
OpenSim Standalone Regions mini grid offering