Shoutcast Board

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Shoutcast Board


Shoutcast Radio & DJ Board 2.0 23 PRIM ONLY WITH
CONVEX you can put ur own radio stations and you can put stream and uuid dj texture easy for add any dj and any radio station and just deed to group and working very well

shoutcast board Radio and Dj

1.Deed board on the land group

2.Make sure you are the owner of the land

3.How to create Dj Note Card : name of Dj note Card the avatar name and last name of the second life register acount not the tag name the register name and make the card like this @Name Resident and inside the card wirite the stream url and the dj photo the uuid number thats it .

enjoy the board ......

You can buy this Board only for 7$ .After your purchase Will be sent to you email with ur iar file