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Nick The Greek CEO


Nick is Inspirer and founder of GreekLife Grid who makes your dreams a reality..........

Elsa Seranno GL Manager


Elsa Is a GreekLife Grid Manager .Her thoughts are how to help the world & all ppl.....

Malani Diaz H Manager


Malani is a Help Manager she help all the visitors of Greeklife. & it is very good creator

Chloe Envoy M Manager


Chloe Market Manager.Her imagination and energy make everything Truth

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In GreekLife, your imagination is the only limit, use our services like Voice Or Text Chat, Currency Exchange, Land And Region, Audio And Video Streaming, with freedom, along with excellent help and support to make your stay a pleasant one and to live your dream. Email : greeklifeinworld@gmail.com

About GreekLife

GreekLife came to life in 2011 as a Hyper grid for the World! As time went on it became a place where people loved to hang out so we decided a short time ago to nuture this growing community. With available parties, events and clubs, the social life in GreekLife provides an atmosphere to make new or and meet your online virtual friends for hours of fun.

About US

Through our Reliability, Stability, Safety and Speed services we aim to establish long-lasting relationships of trust with our customers.The provision of our services is characterized by: Consistency Communication Quality Know-how Support

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active officialFrom  the high class Akrotiri, the celebrated Island or the famous Rock n Roll, Athens offers a wide selection of  nightlife, satisfying all preferences and tastes.  All time classics at Vinilio, vibrant nights at Pixi in a renovated industrial space in the center of Athens, in the lively nightlife district of Gazi, lively atmosphere, great cocktails and high energy until the small hours at Enzzo de Cuba, Six D.o.g.s. is a favorite for fans of the underground techno scene, Dybbuk is  glamorous, vibrant and with great vibes for dancing until the small hours, at Kitty Cat the excellent house cocktails include classics and also variations with Asian inspiration,  Ciel in Monastiraki is an ideal place to enjoy funky, jazzy, disco and house grooves Most clubs have their own faithful clientele, which depends on age, musical preferences and an exclusive fashion trend code which attracts certain social styles. Dress code can be important at the more posh places, whilst others are more casual. Drinks are an important feature of all clubs and some include a restaurant. In summer nights are even longer and the clubs on the beach become the most attractive  places to cool off.  The lively atmosphere and the musical selections create the ideal conditions for great entertainment All of which we offer you In the virtual world at GreekLife Grid

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active officialThe initial stage that begins the endless fun As you have dreamed And you are ready to start the adventure at GreekLife Grid.Here you can get AOs Male or Female dance hud And you can choose your Avatar From some that we have free of charge.You can play Trivia Zilch Dice Una And many other games we have for you.You can go to the Teleport Board And choose which other island you want to go We have many islands and you have  a lot of choices For hours of fun.You can watch TV or listen to your favorite songs of Yourube.You can bring your friends or meet new people here ar GreekLife.Entry is free for all individuals over the age of 18 years old.You can rent your own island And make it as you have imagined it and dreamed.Our prices are the most competitive and cheapest of the market.You can join V.I.P with a small monthly subscription.You can go to our shops at GreekLife Mall To make our Avatar As you have dreamed.Adventure never ends at GreekLife Grid.

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Create Your Own Virtual World

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active officialOur eight-year experience In opensim And our seventeen years of programming experience Makes us responsible for providing you with the best and most stable on opensim To provide you with your own virtual world Grid.
In our latest generation of servers (dedicated machines with solid state-drives-for-our-platform).We are competitive cheap and we provide the best we can do for you.What we provide for you is: safety stability Good service support 24 hours a day 7 days a week 30 days a month.We offer you opensim grid with 40 regions process 50.000 prims per region runing at windows server never laggy and are so fast Your own website with opensim hg,currency,voice enable cp inworld profile groups partner friend list trancaction you can make your store on our market place and runing from ur grid with ur grid currency and much more...

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